26th January 2018 Initial-B

’21 Minutes of Fuel’ EP

Turns out I can’t write songs in the traditional heartfelt, deep-meaning, wise-words sort of way –  so I don’t. I write stories instead – ridiculous, stupid stories based in twisted locations, about characters that have been running around my head since, well…for too long. They’ve been weaving a story in there, making their presence felt, but unlike most other characters in stories, they seem to have first shown themselves publicly in a rowdy guitar record called ’21 Minutes of Fuel’, instead of some form of literary or visual piece.

What is 21 Minutes of Fuel?

’21 Minutes of Fuel’ is the title of the pilot episode of a script currently being written, and the 5 tracks included in this EP broadly describe the 5 scenes that make up that pilot episode. The EP is intended to introduce the main characters and provide a musical reference to help carry along the story as it progresses.

“3 unlikely friends are making the best of the apocalypse, broadcasting hard-rockin’ tunes and the glimmer of salvation from an abandoned radio post to anyone who might be listening. Meanwhile, a wasteland loner is feeling the need to belong somewhere, and hearing of a Freetown out in the wastes via a pirate broadcast on a stolen wind-up radio, he follows the signal strength to locate the Freetown, and ends up getting more than he bargained for.”

21 Minutes of Fuel 20:46 (Full)
– Thieves Pt.1 04:33
– Burn It 03:31
– A Little Sugar 03:20
– Don’t Take Me Out 03:30
– Call Me A Hospital 03:50

Why does 21 Minutes of Fuel sound like that?

I wanted it to sound like it had had been made there, right in the wastes of the apocalypse, so we made it with no bells or whistles, with just the most basic of equipment. I recorded the guitars and bass at home, screamed in to a mic in the corner of a dark for basement in Dark Birmz, and figured there wouldn’t be many working drum mics knocking around in the apocalypse – so we recorded the drums live with one mic – not a great way to record drums BTW, and not an experience we’re ever gonna repeat either – but…it did help capture the dirty and imperfect feel i was looking for, to accompany the script for the 21 Minutes of Fuel episode.


B – writing, guitars, bass, vox
KV Adz -Drums
KV Liam – Engineering/Production
Pete Kinski – Guitar solo on Thieves pT. 1

Adrian Ravel was the voice of ‘Kyll Zed’ & Dan Watts supplied the voice for ‘Digger’ in the Radio parts.

Elena Anisimova did the awesome artwork that was frankly, better than I ever imagined it would be, and mad-props should also be thrown to BanoffeeSound, for taking a punt on something different, to release ’21 Minutes of Fuel’.

This is just a tribute.

I need to mention Pete Kinski, a brother we lost on the way. He played the guitar solo on Thieves on one of the earliest demos of the track over 6 years ago, and it just never changed.  He was great player, signed to EMI in 1990 with his band RPLA, they made a couple of records and were set for greatness. It didn’t work out, but that really is a whole different story, and one I’ll likely find a way to tell at some point, but for now I just need you to know that RAD solo on Thieves was him, and I’ll always visualize him ripping it in the wind in the Hollywood hills like he does in this RPLA video from 1993.