WTF is Kyll Valley Players Club?

lol…what is Kyll Valley Players Club? Damn, good question, TBH…and one I’m likely gonna have trouble answering clearly.

I’m B, and ill be your guide though this mess of music and stories, and characters and and media and such, as it’s also mostly all my fault, so I’ll likely just babble on for a bit and hope you get the gist…soz.

1.  Kyll Valley Players Club is an excuse to write and record rowdy music, and if any of them fancy it, get my pals and my favourite musicians I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the last 25 years to throw down on it just for the sheer fuck of it.

2. Kyll Valley Players Club is a creative outlet for extracting and placing the music and visual media of a twisted story i’ve had in my head for years.

Who are ya!?

Well, you’ll notice throughout the site I flip between ‘I’ and ‘We’ when I’m writing  posts, its not ‘just bad writing’, I’m well aware of it, and I’ve decided its the only way I can write these posts…so play along will ya, whilst its generally my fault so far, i can’t pull it off on my own, Kyll Valley Players Club is always the sum of its parts.

The ‘We’ in this little charade refers to myself and my fellow Kyll Valley Players Club co-horts KV Adz & KV Liam who play drums and produce/engineer respectively, and without whom none of this Kyll Valley business, would be happening.

And the ‘I’ is me…I’m B, i write it, play it, sing the theme-tune, drive the bus, and I’m the one gonna have to take the blame for most of these stupid ideas at some point, as to be fair, it’s mostly my fault…although i do apportion a good part of the blame for all of this to the aforementioned players, as they have had plenty of opportunity to stop me.

All Kyll Valley Players Club visual media is produced by B unless stated otherwise – KV Adz is Co-Producer on all Kyll Valley  productions.

Any writing or stories appearing here have been written by B and or/edited by KV Adz.

So what now?

Nothing. We all got work to do and mouths to feed, this whole thing is done because we love to do it, not because we have to do it. We just hope that someone else digs it somewhere down the line. If that’s you…sweet.

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