30th December 2018 Initial-B

GTA 5 Video Teaser #1 for Call Me A Hospital

I love Grand Theft Auto 5, have done for years…and I’ve wanted to make a GTA 5 video for most of that time, and now I’ve only gone and done it!  Obviously not wanting to be alone, I dragged KV Adz in to the fray, as he loves the GTA V as much as I do, and also he’s prolly better at this type of shit, than I am.

I pitched him my idea, he said ‘Yeah,…but Nah…lets to its this way instead, so the GTA 5 video won’t be shit’…I agreed, and we cracked on.

We got deep in the Rockstar Editor, and it took waaaay to long for any pair of grown men to do. The Rockstar Editor is really great at some things and not so good at others, and we were learning the restrictions are went. This ‘aint no GTA 5 stunt-vid, holmes…not that at there’s anything wrong with them, its just that is not what this is. This is a mini, self-contained, GTA 5 movie, masquerading as a music video for the track Call Me A Hospital, found on ‘21 Minutes of Fuel‘.

It’s our love-letter to Los Santos, a tip of the cap to Rockstar Games for keeping GTA 5 Online fresh and ridiculous at the same time, and its also our first gift to all the GTA V Online guys and girls that keep it hilarious to play, all the time.

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